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A Victorian Novel quiz ...

Your Period Drama Life -For Girls (Lovely pictures, very long and detailed)

You and your father lived in India for the sole purpose of making your period drama setting a bit more exotic than the rest of the girls'. Your independent and headstrong nature made simple requests from your father very difficult to persuade you to do. Requests such as, "My dear, would you mind going to the market and finding out if that rug merchant will go any lower on the carpet I so admired last week?" You did go to the market for him, but just to satisfy your need for change, you took the back alleys instead of the main streets. Little you knew how such a decision would affect the rest of your life. (DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!)
Out of the shadows, a broad shouldered man ran right into you. His shoulder was bleeding and he was much distressed, as if fearful of some impending danger that was chasing him relentlessly. He told you that some murderous wretches were after him, and unless you wanted to wait around for them to interrogate you in a highly ungentlemanly fashion, you had better follow him and hide in an adjoining alley. You didn't like the sound of ungentlemanly interrogations, and so you followed the man, glad to have listened when the armed (and very violently looking) strangers ran past your hiding place.
Since you were brought up more or less like a lady, you took the broad shouldered (did I mention tall?) man back home to tend to his shoulder and let him take some refreshments. Over lunch, he told you the story of a band of treasure hunters who believed someone in India had a map to the hidden location of the famous sapphire pendant, "Midnight Secret." The tall, broad shouldered, and handsome man's brother was among the band of hunters, but he was killed suddenly; coincidentally, the same night he told his brother that he'd threatened to turn some of the other members in for stealing clues to the map from perfectly innocent people. The tall, dark, and handsome broad shouldered man feared his brother was murdered by the treasure hunters because of certain bits of information his brother left behind, and by constantly spying on the other men.
Unfortunately, the band had found out about his nocturnal habits, and now he was in grave danger. Your father didn't like the tall, dark and handsome broad shouldered man, or his story. He therefore forbade you to see him again, claiming the association was dangerous. Needless to say, you like danger, and didn't really obey his demands.
You and the tall man secretly kept in touch, and he informed you regularly of any new clues he came across that involved either the murder or the map to the pendant.
On a certain evening, you were searching for your missing sketchbook in your father's room, when you discovered an odd crack in the back of the bookshelf. The crack turned out to be a neatly cut square, or rather, a little hiding nook for the map to the Midnight Secret! The truth was that your father had it in his possession all the time, but was too afraid for your safety to admit it.
After sharing your discovery with the tall, dark, handsome man, you did the very thing your father feared most; you went with the man to an abandoned house which the map said the pendant was hidden beneath.
It was very dark and more than a little unsettling in the basement of the house, but with such a broad shouldered man at your side, you felt quite fearless. You found the pendant almost right away, and were trudging back up the basement stairs, when a hand smacked your lantern out of your grasp and sent it crashing to the floor where the flames were extinguished. In the darkness you heard the distinct sound of two men struggling. A shot was fired, but no injuries were made by it, and the pistol went spinning across the floor. You picked it up, groped a bit in the black, called out to the tall man, listened very carefully to his shouting, aimed, fired, and hoped with all your heart that you hit the right man.
Well, I am very happy to say that you did hit the right man, and the tall one lived to see his brother's murderers sent off to prison. He sold the Midnight Secret to a museum which gave him plenty of money to support a wife by.
After you married the tall, dark, handsome, broad shouldered, entirely too gorgeous to be a real person except Richard Armitage or Gerard Butler man, you moved to a different part of India where your husband heard tales of a mysterious cave that was said to hold countless treasures to anyone brave enough to venture within...
But that's a whole 'nother story.

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